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Transport Goods Middle East

With international comprehensive partner’s networks all around the world, Beocontrol specializes for long distance shipping and overseas transportation. For those who are doing business with Middle Eastern countries we have prepared special rates and special offers.

We have solution for all kind of goods and we offer you the best solution based on your individual needs and demands. You can choose among fast and efficient air cargo or collective economic transportation for Less-then-Full-Loads.

At your disposal there are several types of transport:

  • Road transport with vehicles of all model and sizes;
  • Rail transport for over-size cargo and bigger quantities
  • Air transport for shipments that need to be delivered within the next 24 hours
  • Water transport for special cargo and collective transport of small shipments that save your money;
  • Container transport in containers of different models and sizes;
  • Refrigerated transportation for goods that demand optimal temperature during transport;
  • Transport of dangerous goods and bulk cargo;

Together with the international transport service to/from all Middle Eastern countries additionally we offer to our clients:

  • Freight forwarding;
  • Supply Chain-Distribution;
  • Storage services in our own warehouses all around the world;
  • GPS tracing system to know in every moment where your shipments are;
  • Passenger Van Rental;
  • Moving of people and stuff on a turnkey system;

We offer special rates for transport to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and United Arab Emirates and your price of transport service includes even packing, insurance and all logistics work.

For our clients we rent vehicles specialized for transportation of goods of different kinds and sizes, however we poses hundreds of our own trucks and vans, as well as machines for handling demanding and oversize cargo.

Our highly experienced and professional personal is ready to guarantee for the safety of your stuff from the moment we get your goods until the moment of delivery. For more valuable shipments we have obtained additional insurance at the most reputable insurance companies.

Call us or leave your transport quote at our site and our agents will contact you within next few hours.