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Air and Container Transportation Iran – Europe

Company Beocontrol has opened a special transport line for the transportation of goods on the route Iran – Europe and vice versa. Water, road, rail and air transport in the organization of Beocontrol connects Iran and all the countries of Europe, providing fast, safe and convenient transportation of goods and moving things.
Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran, until 1935. Persia) in south-west Asia, in the north it borders Armenia (35 km), Azerbaijan (432 km), Azerbaijani exclave Nakhichevan (179 km) and Turkmenistan (992 km), in the east with Afghanistan (936 km) and Pakistan (909 km), and in the west with Iraq (1 458 km) and Turkey (499 km). In the north, it enters the Caspian Sea (740 km long) and in the south (2 440 km) to the Arabian Sea (the Gulf of Oman) and the Persian Gulf. It covers 1 648 195 km² of territory with about 80 million inhabitants. Tehran is the capital and economic center of Iran, the seat of 45% of industry in the country.
The 1979 constitution established an economic system based on the Islamic view of the world, so nationalization was carried out: state-owned oil companies, banks and most of the industry, while in the agriculture and service sector, private and cooperative ownership is allowed. In the beginning of the 2000s, reforms were initiated, which made foreign investments and joint investments of state and foreign companies possible.

GDP last year, in 2017, amounted to $ 427.7 billion. Iran is ranked by the World Bank as an economy with a higher middle income. The service sector most contributes to GDP growth, folowing industry (mining and production) and agriculture.About 45% of the state budget revenue comes from oil and natural gas. Iran ranks 2nd in the world’s largest natural gas reserves and third in terms of the largest natural gas production, after Indonesia and Russia. Also, Iran is ranked 4th in the world by oil reserves. In 2004, Iran opened the first wind farms and geothermal plants, and the first solar power plant in 2009. The first nuclear power plant was opened in Bushir in 2011.

The state administration of Iran continues market reforms in the direction of diversification of the economy, mainly based on oil and gas. Leading Iran’s industries are in the fields of automobile, transport, building materials, home appliances, food and agricultural products, armaments, information technology and petrochemicals. Iran has also developed biotechnology, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

The main agricultural crops are wheat, rye, corn, vegetables, citrus fruits, cotton, sugar beets and reeds, nuts, olives, tea, tobacco and medicinal herbs. Iran is among the world’s 5 largest producers of apricots, cherries, quinces, watermelons, figs, urns, pistachios, walnuts and cucumbers.In livestock breeding sheep, horses, mules, camels, donkeys and chickens are prevalent, and the fish fund is rich, with significant exports of caviar.

The length of the rail network in Iran is 5,995 km. The main stretches are: Bandar-e Torkeman (Caspian Lake) -Teheran-Persian Gulf (Bandar-e Khomeini, Bandar-e Abbas) and Jolfa (Azerbaijani border) -Teheran-Mashhad-Turkmenistan. The construction of the section between Bama and Zahedan has enabled the connection of Europe (via Turkey) with Pakistan and India. The length of the road network is 165,724 km, of which 50% is asphalted. During the Iraqi-Iranian war of the 1980s, the ports of the northern part of the Persian Gulf were significantly destroyed: the Bandar Khomeini (before Bandar Shahpur), Khorramshar, Abadan and Kharg, and more significantly became the southern ports of Bushehr and Bandar Abbas. The main ports in the Caspian Sea are Bandar Anzali, Noshahr and Bandar Torkeman. International airports are in Tehran, Esfahan, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Shiraz and Mashhad.

For years Beocontrol has been organizing air and container transportation to / from Iran. The experience and network of reliable associates we have gained enable us to transport goods to Iran and vice versa at very reasonable prices and in the shortest possible time.
We have the necessary equipment, permits and experience for the transport of all types of goods, so we offer transport of goods to / from Iran for both conventional goods and bulk cargo, special cargoes such as oversized cargo, dangerous goods and goods that must be transported under a certain temperature conditions in refrigerators.

Whether you import or export goods to Iran, we will provide you with the fastest and easiest way of transportation:

  1. Transport of goods by air traffic
  2. Container transport of goods (LCL and FCL)


Air transport

Beocontrol offers the best solutions for air transport – quickly, safely and conveniently. Whether it’s a charter shipment or a shipment on a regular line, we have the right offer for you. Our team follows the shipment 24/7 and will give you feedback on arrival, as well as the current status of the shipment.

The Beocontrol transport services company organizes the door-to-door principle, “from port to port” and “from airport to airport”. Our company will take your goods at the agreed address and arrange rail or road transport to the nearest airport or port. Our team or our associates will organize the goods loading, as well as its landing at the destination, from where it will be delivered to the recipient’s address.

Container Container Transportation (LCL)

Aggregate Container Transportation (LCL) allows for a convenient and reliable transport of smaller quantities of goods in long distances. When the shipment requires only part of the container space, when it is important to the client that the transportation costs are low, and the transit delivery time is less important, the optimal solution is – overseas aggregate container transport (LCL).

Transport of full containers (FCL)

Transport of full containers (FCL) includes a range of activities: from contracting the lease of space on a container ship with a broker and coordinating the delivery of empty containers to the place of loading, through the organization of the filling of the bill, the organization of the export customs clearance and the transfer of the filled container to the shipping agent at the container terminal in the port of delivery , to monitoring the movement of the ship all the way to the port of disembarkation and organization of goods unloading – overseas transport of full containers (FCL) is our specialty.

In our offer is also the production of wooden fumigated boxes, which have a valid seal and certificate of the authorized company. In order to quickly and easily ensure compliance with the global and European regulations for wood packaging, we perform this service in accordance with the International Standard of Phytosanitary Measures. Fumigation is the process of insect destruction by gas (disinfection), or very dangerous chemicals. Due to the high risk (toxicity of fumigants), this responsible procedure can only be carried out by specially authorized companies with educated and technically qualified personnel.




Beocontrol offer also includes the possibility of packaging goods on plastic pallets! Your goods are packed and vacuumed with stretch foil, which significantly reduces the total transport costs and the risk of damage.



Beocontrol also performs all its accompanying services for its customers in order to enable them to facilitate the most simple transport of goods to / from Iran:

•Packaging and preparation of goods for transport conditions

•Transport to the place of loading and from the unloading port / airport to the desired destination

-•Seconding of all types of containers

•Adopting the necessary permits and documentation

•Obtaining customs procedures and all forwarding operations


•Checking shipments during transportation

•Supporting clients about goods during transport and time of maturity of goods

Since Beocontrol has over 1 000 m2 of its own warehouse space, we also offer storage of goods before or after transport. Partner network
enables us to provide our customers with quality storage conditions.
Beocontrol company with its Iranian partners organizes the transport of goods and moving things in the shortest possible time, with the optimal offer.

In order to gain your trust we also issue a guarantee for both the quality of service and the security of your goods.
We can additionally provide the goods we transport to renowned insurance companies with which we have signed contracts, Uniqua and Basler.

Beocontrol is a transport bridge between Iran and Europe, 24 hours, 7 days a week and 12 months a year!

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