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Transport Saudi Arabia

If you need direct or combined transport, container freight to Riyadh and other cities in Saudi Arabia we are here to offer you the most economical solution in the shortest terms. With long experience in transport business, highly proficient personal and extensive partnership network Beocontrol will organize your even the most demanding over sea shipments within next 24 hours and will obtain you 24 hours assistance for any kind of chosen transport.

Beocontrol is Serbian transport company and freight carrier, for different kind of house hold goods, fragile stuff, oversize cargo and highly dangerous goods. Regardless the size and quantity of your shipment to and off the Saudi Arabia we will find the most economical way to deliver your goods wherever you wish. We provide even the special courier to deliver the most valuable personal stuff and fine arts.

In you decide for Beocontrol to carry your stuff all the way to Emirates and back we will take care for all additional work that follows every transport. Our responsibility is complete pre-departure logistics that includes all necessary transport permits, customs documentation, as well as the control of the shipment at any stage of the transport. We will take care for the loading and unloading of the stuff, their packing and their storage till the time of delivery but even after. Our trained personal is ready to guarantee the for all your stuff and delivery time and beside the basic insurance we have provided additional one for the most valuable goods.

We transport any kind of goods, no matter the size and other specific characteristics.

Don’t wait and contact us if you need transport for:

  • All kind of special cargo and oversize carries that need special vehicles and special machines for handling with loads.
  • Rare piece of arts and other antique stuff and furniture;
  • Highly dangerous liquids, gas and other goods;
  • Pets, plants and human remains;
  • All other goods that need full loads or occupy less than full load.