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Goods Transport Israel

Political situation in Middle East demands additional care and precaution when sending your goods to Israel and all other Middle East countries. Increased security and special caution is needed for any kind of shipments and special cargo why transport to Middle East countries is generally more demanding and more expensive. However, all security checks, customs documentation and insurance are included in final price and transport offer of Beocontrol Transport Company that will come to you right after you call our transport agents or you leave transport quote at our site.

If you need direct or combined transport, container freight or the fastest transportation of bulk cargo, all kind food, fragile stuff and other special and oversize cargo we promise the best offer from Israel and other Middle East countries to any part of the world.

Despite the transportation service, we will offer to you:

  • Complete logistics, from the moment we take over your good until the delivery at a desired address;
  • Packing, labeling with your own or our material, toward the latest security standard;
  • 24 hours of the assistance during whole shipment;
  • Satellite tracking system so that you know in every moment where your stuff is;
  • Storage of any kind of goods in one of our warehouses all around the world;
  • International insurance for every shipment, and for other value shipments even additional insurance of the world’s famous insurance companies;
  • The safest and fastest transport in the most modern vehicles of our own fleet or the fleet of other partnership carries.

For every shipment we have the best solution and our trained and devoted workers are ready to guarantee that your shipment will be delivered at a desired address in Israel in the shortest period in the best conditions.

Contact us, leave your transport quote and expect call from our transport agents in next few hours.