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Transport service Maryland

When it comes to overseas destinations transportation can bring you a lot of stress and take a lot of money. That is why Beocontrol Transport Company had introduced the best transport offers from Maryland State and their cities Baltimore, Hagerstown, Ocean City, Frederick to whole America and the rest of the world.

With more than 10 years we organize the fastest delivery of your shipments no matter it is about demanding dangerous goods or special cargo, bulk cargo or small shipments and furniture. We suggest you the most affordable type of the transport based on your budget and the time of delivery.

For overseas destinations from Baltimore, Ocean City, Hagerstown, Frederick to all around the world for urgent deliveries we suggest air transportation and if you want to low the costs here is the cheapest transportation option – cargo consolidation by transporting your goods in containers of different sizes.

Except organization and coordination of transport of your shipment Beocontrol:

  • arranges all documentation for international and domestic transport;
  • arranges all permits for hazardous and other demanding goods;
  • picks up your cargo at your door;
  • is loading and packing your special cargo, heavy items and other valuable stuff;
  • provides insurance and proper treatment of your cargo during transport;
  • If needed takes care about your cargo even after transport is finished and offers you even long-term storage for your goods in one of our warehouses all around Maryland and America;
  • organizes moving of your pets;
  • is doing decease transportation and shipment of human remains from any part of Maryland to the rest of the country.

All your shipments are followed with the latest GPS equipment, covered with insurance and secured in our modern vehicles. By this we want to put the risk on minimum and to assure to our clients full minimal risk and full control over transportation process.

Transport Goods: