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Rail transport

If the place of taking the goods is not a city where there is railway terminal, we provide the ability of multi-media transport (loading at an agreed address, transfer to railway station by other modes of transport, rail transport, unloading and delivery of your cargo / goods to railways).

Rail transportation can be made by simple, special and high sites in the open, and closed wagons. For car transport, a special plateau car is used.

Any additional activities that accompany rail transportation, we can perform as soon as possible:rail transportation


  • Preparation of the consignment note and other documents and performance of all actions related to customs clearance,
  • Storage of goods before or after transport by rail,
  • Informing you – the customer or the person you specify about the time of arrival of shipments,
  • Transport from rail by other mode of transportation and delivery to the address of the recipient’s shipment.
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