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Transport service Montenegro

Having in mind that cargo transportation in Poland can be quite expensive, time-consuming and complicated, Beocontrol developed a wide spectrum of transportation services that can significantly simplify the whole process of transportation.

Many years of experience, dedicated workers, state of the art equipment and far-reaching distribution network enable us to provide our clients with the best possible transportation services in this part of Europe.

Among other services, Beocontrol can offer:

  • Cargo transportation by air, water, rail and road;
  • Transportation of hazardous goods;
  • Transportation of bulk cargo;
  • Freight consolidation, also known as collective transportation;
  • Transportation of goods in refrigerated trucks;
  • Cargo transportation in containers;
  • Storage services, etc.

Whether it comes to international transportations or cargo transportation in Poland, Beocontrol will make sure that every shipment arrives on its destination safe and on time.

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