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Scale of stressful situation that has the ultimate measure of 100 points assesses the transfer with as many as 25 points, and changes in lifestyle, with an additional 20. Points range to 50, even in a situation when it comes to moving into a space more comfortable and adequate for life and work of the previous one, because the stress during the moving is inevitable.

Moving service Belgrade

We offer efficient and professional service of moving your home or business premises on a “turnkey” system. Quality of services, equipment and human resources we have, and constantly advising and informing clients is all that is necessary for a successful move.

We are honored that the vast experience we have gained after many successfully completed moving we can share only with you. Our team will carry your move out so as to be fully completed in a matter of hours.

The process of moving in a few steps:

  • The assessment phase.

    If you move a residential building up to 100m ² / office building to 500m ² , you receive by e-mail offer on the basis of duly completed questionnaire for the move, which is located in the right part of the site within a few hours.

    If you move residential / business space over 100m ² / 500m ² our assessor will come to your home address and do the assessment on the basis that you receive the offer.

  • Acceptance of offer and booking date of moving.

    Date of moving is the one that suits you (at night, during weekends, holidays).

  • Carrying out of moving at agreed time.

    The arrival of a professional team Beocontrol at the premises from which you move at the agreed time.

    Preparation and furniture protection, disassembling and packing all moving things into boxes.

    Loading in padded vehicles that are specially equipped for move.

    Delivery to the desired address, assembly, unpacking boxes and arranging furniture at the request of the client`s list.