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Construction Equipment Transportation

Construction Equipment Transportation

construction machinery transportIn addition to  construction materials transport like gravel, sand or concrete, Beocontrol offers transport services for all types of building constructions, working machines to the building sites by trucks and other vehicles specialized for transport of oversized goods that cannot fit in standard vehicles.

We own special equipment for loading and unloading construction equipment and heavy machinery, so the care about handling of these oversize loads you can leave to professionals.

We specialize in shipping of typical construction equipment as well as other type of building mechanization:

  • Cranes and excavators;
  • Feeders and dozers;
  • Loaders;
  • Crushing machinery;
  • Combined machinery;
  • Scaffolding;
  • Concrete machines…

Additionally we perform loading and unloading of all building structures and machines because we have our own vehicles, experienced mechanics and loading equipment for handling special cargo and oversized items. You need not to worry while these demanding shipments travel quickly and safely all around Serbia, Europe and the world.

We follow transport from the very first moment of dissemble and loading, during all transport with the chosen transportation means, until the very last moment of unloading and assembly. But, with the latest GPS satellite tracking system, you can also follow your shipments while they travel with our vehicles.

Our vehicles, drivers and other workers are fully professional, reliable and ready to meet all your needs for transport of different building constructions and construction equipment, regardless the size and preferred way of transport. We follow the latest security procedures and provide all necessary permits for oversized contractions that are very hard to manipulate with. Our Construction Equipment Transportation service is guaranteed best service in the region.

Our agents stay at your disposal 24 hours per day and will send vehicles at your address in the shortest notice yours is just to call and engage our agency. All the rest we will do instead of you.